Why automatic feeders have become a favourite among stay-at-home pet owners

If you own a pet and a job that calls for a lot of travelling, taking care of your pet can be a real challenge. Looking after a cat is easier than a dog because dogs need to be walked while your cat needs only a litter box. Even if you are lucky enough to have someone offer you to walk your dog for an hour or so every day, you still need someone to feed them every few hours.

Thanks to high-end technological innovations, there is a great solution to this dilemma. The automatic pet feeder is a self-operated device that functions with pre-programming. Once you program it for a few days, it will operate on its own without any human assistance. It is battery operated which means there is no need for you to worry even in the case of a possible power outage.

These automatic feeders come in different compartments where you will put the requisite amount of food for each meal. Over the past few years, these feeders have been developed to allow owners to control the exact time in which they can feed their pets. When the preset time arrives, the device will automatically rotate to the next compartment where the food is stored. The device can feed your pet up to 6 days without any extra assistance.

Initially developed for pet owners who travel a lot, it is now widely used even by people who stay at home but are too lazy to feed their pets every few hours. Another category of customers who commonly buy this device is those with obese pets. Most people simply keep the pet bowls full, leading their pets to eat more than necessary. Pet obesity has been proven to cause a lot of health complications, putting their lives at risk. This device has now become a stable for all pet owners, irrespective of whether or not they stay at home.

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